Adding More Value to Your Joint Venture with Intellectual Property

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The basic need will be the mother of invention. Nevertheless, invention is often only great business too, particularly when two great entrepreneurial brains come in concert to develop a joint venture and create an innovative brand new product. If your joint venture is running a business with new stuff, revolutionary, which excites consumers, be sure you are making the most out of it.

Joint Innovation and Venture: A Perfect Match 

A JV joins the minds as well as materials of two specific business or businesses owners and also produces a third business with a brand new item. Often, a JV team is going to discover that their first passion for the venture created something even more significant compared to their imaginations initially suspected. When that occurs, and originality and creativity reign, really a fantastic thing is able to take place in the intellectual property community. 

Suppose you’re an expert software coder & an enterprising particular approaches you to develop a joint venture using your programming abilities and his data source designing knowledge. The initial concept was developing a database device which would generate invoicing, billing, then buy simpler and cross-referenced for coding and authorization for division companies. The last item was such an achievement that it’s found beneficial application in almost any company which does shipping of manufactured items. 

The Best Way to Protect Your Innovation 

What you and also your JV partner produced was extremely valuable intellectual property. Your patent for the application and licensing possibilities is able to take your joint endeavor equity through the roof. In case you’re dealing with a JV partner and also have created intellectual property, the following are a few things you must do to guard it. 

  • Patents – New inventions, like the software application, ought to be patented for your security. With a single patent on the item, you can license it for sale or even for others to produce and sell. Residual cash flow can easily amount to countless dollars with the correct patent plus licensing strategy. 
  • Trademarks – A trademark could be a beneficial identification. A product or perhaps your JV business name might be trademarked if it becomes extremely respected and recognizable. A word, logo, phrase, or maybe a mix of these can be a trademark. 
  • Copyright – A copyright is any inventive artistic or maybe literary endeavor which has manifested into a concrete, tangible item. Books, content articles, paintings, graphic designs, sculptures, music compositions – all these can be copyrighted and certified to others for the publication, effectiveness, and display. In case you and your JV partner produce copyrighted material, make sure you properly manage the licensing as well as the use of these products to boost the highest profit. 

Intellectual property is often overlooked. Take some time making an accounting of the intellectual property produced by you and your joint endeavor partner. The inventory might shock you. It’s also suggested hiring a lawyer that specializes in intellectual property to assist not just guard this property, but to help license them with the maximum advantage of your joint venture corporation. Talk to an expert intellectual property attorney at Incubate IP copyright lawyers today to seal the value of your joint venture.