History: The History of Porcelain and Fine China

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Many people love to purchase fine porcelain China. There are many beautiful items that are made from this country. If you are interested to decorate your own house, you may want to buy some fine porcelains from China. Before you buy your favorite item, you may want to learn about the history of China porcelain. There are many people who want to learn about the history of this beautiful item. Most of them usually want to know why this fine porcelain can become very popular nowadays. Many people are using these items today.

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Porcelain actually originated in China. It started from the Shang Dynasty. There were some proto-porcelain wares in China during this period. During the Han Dynasty period (year of 196 – 220), these ceramic wares were converted to become porcelain. Beautiful porcelain was created during the Tang Dynasty from 618 to 906. It was the best period for the porcelain to grow in China. In this period, this porcelain had unique and beautiful designs. Some Chinese merchants exported some porcelains to other countries. Most of them usually sold their porcelains to some Islamic countries. Most Chinese merchants visited Islamic countries to promote their porcelains to some potential buyers.

The porcelain became very popular in China during the Song Dynasty. This period lasted from 960 – 1279. There were a lot of types of porcelains that are produced during this period. The production of porcelain became very organized during this period. There were a lot of people creating their own ceramic wares or porcelains for their potential buyers. Song Dynasty was the most important period for the development of porcelain in China. China became the most popular country in the world because of its porcelain and some other ceramic items. Therefore, this period is believed to be the beginning of porcelain development by modern society.

During Ming Dynasty (1368 to 1644), some porcelains were exported to Europe. The Chinese government wanted to improve their export items, so they can earn some money for their own country. There were a lot of blue and white ceramic wares that people could find in Europe. This Ming Dynasty controlled all important things in the porcelain trade. This Dynasty exported most porcelains to other countries located in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Most merchants usually passed the Silk Road to sell their porcelains to other people living in those countries. This silk road was then used by Portuguese and Dutch merchants in the 16th century.

When Chinese merchants sent their porcelains to Europe, there were a lot of European people who loved porcelains. Since then, the development of Chinese porcelain has grown significantly. There are many Chinese companies producing some high quality porcelains for all customers today. You can find some great porcelains with many different designs and styles easily. There are many people who want to put these porcelains in their property. Porcelain is very useful to improve the overall look of your house effectively. Many interior designers agree that you should use some decorative items, such as porcelain, to decorate your own house.