Picking the Best Dog Breed to Match Your Personality – Tips and Suggestions

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So you’ve made the big decision to get a new Lab. You know that you want a lab but you also don’t want to get a Chihuahua. But which dog breed is the friendliest? That depends on a number of factors including compatibility and personality.

Fortunately, we’ve been testing labs for over 10 years so we have some good insight into which ones are friendlier with humans. Most often, the most friendly demeanor is found in breeds that share a lot in common with one another.

The first thing to note is that there aren’t a lot of breeds that have a particularly affectionate personality. Labrador Retriever is the exception to the rule, as they tend to be very friendly, outgoing dogs.

However, they have been bred to be loving companions and easily get along with other dogs, making the list of most friendly dog breeds. German Shepherd, Chow, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, and Alaunt, among others, also tend to share a friendly demeanor.

Of all the mentioned dog breeds, the most friendly demeanor is found in Rottweilers and German Shepherds. Rottweilers tend to be aggressive toward strangers, while German Shepherds tend to be wary of them. However, with regular exercise and food, these breeds can develop a friendly demeanor towards people. They just need more human contact.

The next personality trait to consider is personality. Saint Bernards is another great personality test. They tend to be highly energetic and alert with a big goofy grin. They love to play and run around with their owners, which makes them a joy to have around. However, like any other dog breed, Saint Bernards does require more attention.

The third and friendliest dog breeds are the Great Danes and the Border Collie. Originally from Germany, the Great Dane was bred originally to guard man and country. While working on farms in England, the dog was said to have guarded sheep and delivered messages for his masters. Many border collies were also used as guide dogs for blind people.

These dogs, like Saint Bernard, have a friendly, gentle disposition. The last dog breed on our list is the cavalier king Charles dog. Originally from England, the English version of this breed became known as the “court dog.” These dogs enjoyed being in the company of the rich and famous and enjoyed being trained for war.

However, with the popularity of the cavalier king Charles II, an entirely different personality became evident. This breed is now considered a true show dog. With his gentle and kind nature, the Irish setter makes an ideal companion. This breed is very calm and easy to train. In fact, it was once the national dog of Ireland.

In order to protect their homeland, these dogs were given regular exercise on horseback and in their natural habit of hunting. Although a very brave breed, they are not overly boisterous. In fact, they make very good watchdogs and will often bark at intruders if left to their own devices.

As you can see, when it comes to picking a dog breed for companionship, you have many options. Your personality and the personality of the animal are key factors to consider. You will also want to choose your dog based on whether he has a regular exercise program and whether or not he has a friendly demeanor and a good temperament.

Saint Bernard is probably one of the friendliest dog breeds around. This breed was originally bred to work. In fact, they were originally bred as workers with their master, which explains their friendly demeanor and work ethic. Even though they are originally bred to function as watchdogs, they can make wonderful companions.

With a friendly disposition, a mellow voice, and a love of children, the Shih Tzu makes a great family pet. These are the most popular of the three dog breeds that make up the Sikh baby dog breed. They have a regular exercise program, which they enjoy and make great watchdogs.

The Shih Tzu does not shed as much as some of the other breeds but still needs daily brushing and grooming to maintain its coat in a healthy condition. In addition to their regular exercise, these little ones should be fed with a portion of high-quality dog food that is made especially for your pet.

The Boston Terrier is another very popular choice among dog owners. Boston Terriers has an easy, loving personality and makes a great family pet. Their easy-going personality makes them suited to families without children. They have a mild temperament and are very friendly.

They have a strong, friendly personality that makes them one of the friendliest dog breeds around. No matter what your choice is when it comes to picking an adorable dog, be sure to shower it with unconditional love.