South Beach Diet Menu Ideas That Are Easy To Prepare

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I love eating, and sadly it shows.

That is the reason I so desperately wanted to locate a diet which did not take away many of my favorites, however, enabled me to shed some excess weight.

A buddy pointed out the South Beach Diet, though I was hesitant. Anyone actually heard about a diet plan which allows you to consume a great hearty breakfast, 2 scrumptious snacks, as well as dessert every day? Unachievable! Nevertheless, I discovered it was true. You can follow this amazing diet plan prepared by rectory café.

Indeed, I am about to head out on a limb and say that eating on dieting doesn’t need to be monotonous and bland. In reality, I am gonna demonstrate just how to say farewell to boring diet meals, and hello to several tasty food items that’ll be certain to whet your appetite!

Of course, the first 2 days on South Beach (Phase I of the program), once you fundamentally strip all of the carbs, fat & sugars from your diet plan, are difficult.

But it is well worth it. After only fourteen days, your body changes to a better, more glucose stable diet plan and you will be feeling and looking ten times better than previously.

And after Phase One, you are free to start adding the good carbohydrates combined with a number of sugars back into your eating habits, (within reason, of course).

To start with I assumed creating satisfying foods from an approved eating checklist might be dull. Was I previously wrong!

Honestly, South Beach enables such a variety of meats and vegetables that it is quite simple to discover delicious and new ways to ready them – particularly in case you like cooking.

Just in case you are skeptical, I thought perhaps I would share several of my personal favorite menu options with you:


I have always loved breakfast. Perhaps since my grandma (who were living with us when I was growing up), used to help make us these big, sophisticated and also filling breakfasts to assist us to begin the morning.

Thus, I have consistently relished the thought of sitting down to a steaming hot plate of eggs along with pancakes. Okay, so the pancakes are gone today (you cannot have everything), but South Beach nonetheless lets me have my eggs (scrambled or even in a lovely omelet dripping in low-fat cheese), with an edge of Canadian bacon, an excellent spinach frittata, and on occasion even a delicious vegetable quiche. Plus you can have yogurt, tea or maybe coffee over the side.


In the beginning, when I look at the food lists for South Beach, I concerned that I would miss my normal sandwich, fries as well as diet soda midday food.

The boy was I wrong! Now I indulge in an assortment of tasty sauces filled with lean meats and fresh veggies, chicken salads that are grilled on a bed of romaine and topped with balsamic vinaigrette dressing, or maybe a tasty cobb salad, chicken caesar salad, roasted portabella pizza; poached salmon, and on occasion even a unique vegetable antipasto.

(Hungry yet?)


Just in case you may be concerned your evening supper on South Beach may provide a couple fewer options — do not.

With practically no lean beef or maybe fish prohibited, your selection of entrees is almost endless.

Several of my all time favorites incorporate seared tuna made with a spicy marinade and then served with grilled veggies, a scrumptious merlot marinated flank steak as well as salad, broiled lamb chops with mint pesto, along with chicken that is roasted with sliced tomatoes sprinkled with rosemary salt.

And also for dessert, I like indulging in a custard made of milk chocolate espresso, lime cheesecake or maybe perhaps a mocha ricotta crème (that tastes the same as an Italian cannoli, by the way) or even chocolate dipped strawberries.

Today, how is that for eating right?

Like any diet plan, you cannot simply eat a group of desserts and snacks but still lose weight (I have tried), but along with the South Beach Diet I have managed to locate a means to actually like a great number of food items that leave my body along with my taste buds satisfied, without becoming sick of exactly the same old things again and again.